Your Opinion in Essay

You cannot be indifferent you either have to support it or you don’t have to you either have to you either have to take the side that okay you are Pro India or you have to write in that not I am NOT saying that if you are saying that Kashmir is not an integral part of India or then you are not you are not Pro India or I don’t want to go into the controversial side of it all I want to say is that if you are give if you are given any topic then take sides especially on topics which require which require you to take sides for example if you are given a topic on Kashmir it is very difficult for you to write without taking a side.

That’s all I mean to say and when you take side you will feel more confident while writing now that will be your third thing which you have to do also why I am writing it like this is because you can structure your essay like this for example you can start beginning so that will be para number one two three essay writing service nz I mean the beginning s paragraphs let’s say you want to write ten short paragraphs right so you can structure it to to to to n2 or let’s say if you want to explain it more than you can do three here and one here similarly if you want to put more into conclusion if you want to add words in conclusion you can give three paragraphs for conclusion one here one here two here right like that.

So you can first thing before you even start writing an essay what you need to do is you need to structure your essay spend some two minutes three minutes and although it will be an online exam you will need to type it on your computer still you will be given some rough sheets where you can design your essay so for example let’s say this is your rough sheet so on this rough sheet first structure your essay okay I will write five paragraphs okay and keep in mind the word limit if they have told you to write it in 700 words then to write in 700 words only now let’s say this is your beginning para so plan what you are you going to write in the beginning then you are going to explain in detail citing all the necessary examples.

Then you will tell your own opinion about it that is take sides but but a very important point and this is where you will score a lot of marks let’s say you have taken this side okay so I am making a this is positive side this is negative side now by positive and negative I don’t mean you know you are negative towards the idea no I am just saying that there are two sides of a coin so first side is the positive side and the back side is the negative side I don’t mean that you are a negative person if you are taking a negative side or there is no negativity as such involved right.