Why you should take religion in context

In ancient times, the worship was as the mothers and the people use to sacrifice their loved ones in such a way that they put them in front of the killer beast. As a duty to fulfill their worship to God mothers were ordered to kill their young ones. But the point here is why were they supposed to do such thing? How they grow their generation?

It is impossible for an agnostic mother who does not have faith in God in any way to come out of the darkness of being unreligious. It is known and we had read in our holy books that God enlighten only those hearts with His faith who are willing to get enlightened and have good thoughts present in them.

What will she probably do? Is she going to change her religion? The thing is we don’t have to bother about it. This is at her own what she will do? Whether change her religion or not.

Then what we are supposed to do? Whether we follow the ways of the sincerity or should go on killing our loved ones? What are we supposed to preach? How we are going to be blessed and how we could please our God?

Then what we should do? We have to criticize the wrong things; we should condemn them as we could. No matter what the way or the path we chooses? The work we should start should be dedicated and determined with whole of our faith and should make such situation that there would be no option except DO or DIE.

We should keep that vacuum in our lives that we could reach and expect our God blessings. I don’t think so why such acts are known as childish acts? This act is known and observed highly near God. God want it people to listen and act like what He had written in the holy books he had send to us.

People somehow understand such things but could not teach them well to the other follower that’s why war arises. The correct way of preaching any religion is you know the religion well you follow all the rules and apply them to your family and friends around you properly so that you could show the person how good you are and you have the talent of patience if anyone hurts you or use abusive language for you and your religion.

So we should consider what we have to do not believe on such theories and stories. We should have the ability to face all the realities happening on the ground and should remain in search for the truth like an empty cup.