Lord, help me overcome my unbelief, Part 2

Do we understand ourselves as well as the father in this story seemed to understand himself? as we be as  honest with ourselves?  

Our friend here makes a statement about his feelings that I believe is true for most of us. I know it’s true for me.  I believe, I want to believe, to believe in the resolution of all evil and suffering, to believe I have a true worth, to believe someone cares for me unconditionally, to believe I have a purpose, I’m going to accomplish something with my life, to believe when all is send and done I can be proud of where I was and am. I know if we’re truly  honest with ourselves we all want at least that much, but there is that unbelief that creeps in. I admire this  guy who could admit in public, and then for millions to read, the predicament he was in and what each of us contends with.

I unbelieve in God at times, I unbelieve in myself at times, I feel “what’s the use” at times. I feel the world will never be transformed into a better environment for living at time.  I don’t want that, I can’t be happy feeling that way all the time. The speaker said it so succinctly. I have groped for his words at times, “Help my unbelief,” so simple yet so profound, a universal human sentiment, as big as the universe yet so simply expressed in 3 words. I really learned something about my own life when I first read those 3 words  or 5 words actually, “I believe, help my unbelief.” After hearing the father’s confession, I could exclaim, “ I’m not alone, I’m human with those feelings of doubt, though I’d rather not admit in public like this guy did. But it does give me solace to know he put in a few words what I found  hard to verbalize.  He asked for help to believe in possibilities, inspiring possibilities. Dreams can’t come true if we refuse to allow them to incubate.”

The beauty of Christianity is the sheer honesty expressed by contributors to the Bible. “ I’m weak, I can’t do it all alone, I need help but I’m ashamed to have to admit it. Help my unbelief.” Every Bible writer, hundreds of them who told their own stories confessed the same, “ I believe but at times I don’t believe. Moses said in effect in Exodus, “ I believe we Israelites can be a free people and come out of Egypt emerging as a new nation, but I can’t believe you want me to be the leader of this multitude  out of bondage.” Jonah, the prophet, exclaimed in effect in the book of Jonah, “ I believe that you, God, care about people but I can’t believe that people will ever change so what’s the use of trying to preach to them. I believe in you but I can’t believe in people, that they will change.” I could go on and on with biblical examples. They didn’t say it in so many words but their actions belied their disbelief. Even the apostles begged  Jesus, ”Give us more faith.” ( Luke 17:5 )  Daily I have to remind myself to believe, to believe in something , believe that good will come of my life today. I must affirm like King David, “ I am CONFIDENT of this, that I will still SEE GOOD IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING.”( Psalm 27:13) ( His words have story of their own that I hope I can relate to you another time.  

In other words, while I still live in this world, it’s all going to work out well for me even now, even with all the problems I’m having. I’m going to feel it was worth the suffering, good will come of my life. I believe all that but there are times I have a hard time, God, help my  unbelief.” I hope you can relate, but living continually in doubt is not.  We need to remind ourselves of that and keep asking our Lord for more faith.  I can affirm, now,  I know in this moment that you, my friends, have many  more exciting prospects to look forward to in this world just as David was convinced.  I pray that God helps you in your unbelief and leads you to believe good will come for your efforts and God’s purpose for all will come to fruition.