Business Plan Presentation – Tips For Small Businesses

Businesses usually prepare a business plan to support an application for funding.  It is worth remembering that not all banks will ask a small business to make a formal business plan presentation to support their funding application.

Some banks do prefer one and the credibility of the application is likely to increase if the credit applicant offers to provide one. It is also highly likely that a potential equity investor will require a formal business plan presentation. Whether or not a small business owner thinks they will be asked for one it is vitally important that they are prepared to present their business plan verbally. The professionalism of the presentation will be supported by a power-point presentation highlighting the key points of the business plan. In this article, we will discuss the top four most important things to remember and convey when making a business plan presentation.

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Business Plan Presentation Must Target The Audience

Banks and equity investors approach the decision-making process from different angles as a result of the differences in risk and return each are taking. The most effective business plan presentation will be delivered from the perspective of the target audience.

This means that to be most effective a business plan presentation to a bank will demonstrate that the business can service the loan and repay it fully within the term of the loan. It will also show that the business risks are identified and mitigated.

When seeking equity investment, the most effective business plan presentation will demonstrate achievable sales and profit growth targets. This helps support attractive returns on investment and a reasonable payback period.

Passion And Emotion Should Be Put Aside

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are typically passionate about their business. However, potential investors are interested in facts and analysis over anything else. A little bit of passion is fine.  However, first and foremost, the business plan presentation must cover all the relevant information that the potential investor needs to know to make their decision.