Academic Content In Your Essay

The more details you put into these essays the better view of you the admissions faculty will have so again you can use any relevant academic or professional content and I know probably a few of you many many grad students spend time after school working so I don’t know your history maybe you’re working now or you’re in school if you’re working you definitely want to talk about what you’ve been doing in the meantime right you don’t want to leave any holes in the timeline so you want to include school activities but also job activities. Learn more about what to include in your application essay on Robotdon.

So if you’ve done research related field work or lab experience these are all school related but you also want to write about your job so if you’re trying to go to fashion school in the US or industry or any school and you’ve been working as intern or you’ve been working in an unrelated field you want to talk about why you went into that field life where you out of school for two or three or four years they want to know that okay step two after you’ve gathered everything in front of you you want to create an outline using these four key essay components there’s actually a lot more than four things to write about but these are the most important for your essays so you’ll have an introduction you’ll talk about your interests and motivations now you won’t only discuss the interests in the introduction you’ll put it throughout but you need a strong introduction for this because it’s the first thing that the mission you need to include a summary of your undergraduate and previous graduate activity so some of you will find you have a lot to write about you’ve done many many things and you can make sort of a list and put it into a story.

And some of you maybe you didn’t do that many things so you can write more details about the little activities you’ve done so you can talk about the internship in greater detail and how it builds you up as a as a student and got you ready for reading you’re going to include a discussion about recent and current activities so again talk about what you’ve been up to in the last few months don’t it if you’ve been out of school for a couple years don’t don’t skip over those two years right and you’re going to go into detail about your interests and future plans so goals are very important we see a lot of papers that just say I really want to enter your program because I want to be an engineer and that’s not enough right you need to tell them what you want to do in the future if you have a dream to be to build skyscrapers in Dubai that would be really interesting because it’s specifically if you don’t have that specific of a dream at least talk about what you might fantasize about doing because that really shows that you passion.